John McDermott

John McDermott is a solicitor in private practice in New South Wales. He has been the principal at McDermott & Associates for a period of over 35 years during the early portion of which he developed the skills which led to his being accredited by the Law Society of New South Wales as a Business Specialist and as a Property Specialist.

Now as well a Nationally Accredited Mediator, a Court appointed Arbitrator and member of the Arbitration Liaison Committee of the Law Society of NSW, his recent appointments include the Federal Court Native Title Mediation Panel and the Westpac Industrial Relations Arbitration Panel.

John has conducted thousands of mediations and arbitrations as an independent appointee apart from his numerous arbitrations and mediations on behalf of clients.

His appointments as Mediator and/or Arbitrator, apart from the above, have included:

  • Supreme Court, District Court and Local Court of NSW.
  • Office of Mediation Advisors Panel (Franchises).
  • Workers Compensation Commission of NSW.
  • President of the Law Society’s Mediation and Arbitration Panels.
  • Commonwealth Department of Health and Family Services, Aged Care Panel
  • NSW Government Retail Tenancies Panel.
  • Motor Vehicle Industry Code of Conduct Panel.
  • Land and Environment Court Panel.
  • Building and Development Mediation Panel (ACDC).
  • Energy Australia Panel

John’s publications include:

  • Mediating Insurance Disputes” (ACDC) Lecture August, 2005
  • Mediation “The Commercial Imperative”, 2004
  • Solicitors as Mediators and Parties’ Representatives”, 2002
  • Risk Management for Lawyers in Mediations: “The Realty Factor”, 1999

Recognition of John’s status as a Senior Practitioner has been confirmed by appointments by the Law Society of NSW as:

  • An Accredited Business Specialist.
  • An Accredited Property Specialist.
  • A member of the Law Society’s Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee.
  • A member of the Law Society’s Arbitration Liaison Committee.
  • A member of the Law Society’s Business Law Committee.

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