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Jennifer Scott has been a solicitor in New South Wales since 1981 and began mediating in 1991. She has a Masters Degree in Dispute Resolution and is a nationally accredited mediator. She has undertaken arbitrations as a member of the Workers Compensation Commission of NSW, which adopted an inquisitorial/investigative conciliation/arbitration process in 2002.

Over the past 15 years she has undertaken in various jurisdictions in excess of 2,000 mediations and conciliations and 3,000 arbitrations, in areas including commercial, personal injury, succession, employment, family and community disputes, planning and environment disputes, building and construction, workplace disputes, intellectual property and domain name disputes.

She has worked with a variety of organisations including the Law Society of NSW, the NSW Supreme Court, LEADR, Legal Aid of NSW, and the majority of mediations and arbitrations are undertaken with the Workers Compensation Commission of NSW. Jennifer was on the Specialist Reserve Legal Panel for the Royal Australian Air Force for 12 years. Between 1996 and 1999 Jennifer worked as senior adviser to the Federal Minister for the Environment and Heritage, Senator Robert Hill.  Jennifer was involved in the negotiations for the Kyoto Protocol and other international treaties.

The majority of arbitrations she has undertaken are with the Workers Compensation Commission of NSW which adopted in 2002 an inquisitorial/investigative conciliation/arbitration process.

Jennifer also provides facilitation and dispute resolution services to private and government organisations, and to the courts and tribunals.

She provides lectures, training and coaching at universities and through various ADR training organisations. Jennifer has also developed conflict management systems for various voluntary organisations.

Recently, Jennifer has widened her focus to conflict prevention and community peace building.

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