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Dr John Keogh is a Sydney Barrister-at-law, Mediator and Arbitrator with a national practice.

John has been practising as a Barrister of the Supreme Court of NSW for over twenty years. John’s professional career has been a reflection of his impressive academic achievements. John completed a Bachelor of Laws in 1988, followed by three years of post-graduate study in dispute resolution from 1990 at the UTS Centre for Dispute Resolution. He was awarded a Doctorate of Juridical Science in 2000, having been named as UTS’s ‘Graduate of the Year’ in 1999.

John was appointed by the NSW Bar in 2010 as a Nationally Accredited Mediator (NMAS) and has been a member of the LEADR Advanced Panel of Dispute Resolvers since 1993. He has a wealth of experience across a wide range of judicial and industry body appointments.

John’s special areas of interest include property, development and environmental law with a focus on commercial law, contract, negligence and personal injury.

Commercial Mediations

John has completed over 500 commercial mediations with his expertise focusing primarily on areas of property and personal injury.

Property experience includes

  • mediating large city property complexes incorporating, residential towers, retail shopping centres and commercial developments.
  • mediating property development partnership disputes between statutory bodies or financial institutions and their private development partners.
  • facilitating the consolidation of large residential and rural land holdings in association with their mortgage backed financial institutions.

Personal Injury experience includes,

  • mediated over 140 work injury matters including psychological injuries where parties suffered injuries that exceeded 15% whole person impairment.
  • Chaired review panels reassessing the validity of Medical Assessment Certificates provided by Work Cover approved medical specialists.


John has completed over 900 arbitration decisions. His extensive experience, detailed below, includes a broad scope of property issues as well as personal injury.

  • appointment to the tribunal (1992-1997) which dealt with such issues concerning residential tenancy, strata titles, retirement villages (disputes between resident committees and building owners).
  • appointment to District Court Philadelphia Arbitration program, (2000-2007) Involving a wide range of commercial matters, personal injury, motor vehicle accidents and property related negligence
  • appointment to the Workers Compensation Commission, (2002-2013)  Completed over 200 arbitration decisions in workplace injuries and mediated in excess of 140 work injury damages disputes.
  • appointed as an expert determinator in property cases involving large multi-use property complexes incorporating high rise residential towers with commercial and retail strata areas.

Fees and Rates: Daily rate $5000 (plus GST) first 7 hours, thereafter $600 per hour (plus GST).

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